Who Needs Men?

Cursing, I dropped down at my computer desk, enjoying the cold touch of the soft leather chair on my naked skin. I had just experienced yet another unsatisfying night with my boring boyfriend, and despite his attempts to the opposite, my pussy was aching with need. Wriggling my legs together, I sighed as I felt my juices leaking onto the chair below me, pooling onto the material, my mind unable to think of anything at all but the throbbing between my legs and how badly I need to cum. Sighing heavily, I reached out with a hand and turned on the webcam on the top of my PC, wondering if there is going to be anybody online tonight that wants to watch me have some fun. Frowning, trying to focus past the burning need for satisfaction in my pussy, I log on to my usual website where I have a gig with other amateur webcam girls, and sit back ready to begin. Reaching down with a hand, I gently roll one nipple between my fingers, teasing the nipple into hardness as I brush it with my thumb, rising before the camera so that my 32E breasts are on full display as I cup their weight and maul at the pliable flesh. Angling the webcam downwards towards my pussy, I reach down and ran my fingertips up and down my puffy shaven lips for nearly a minute, loving the sensation as my wetness grew. Then I plunge two fingers deep into the hugging warmth of my pussy, my other hand reaching down to scoop up some of my juices and massage the sweet liquid into my stiff aching nipples. In a matter of moments, my huge tits are glistening as if I had poured baby oil over them and moaning, I lift one breast to my mouth, licking and sucking the juice from my smooth, pale skin. With my free hand, I slowly begin to rub the outside of my engorged and aching pussy lips, brushing over the hood of my clit, but not giving it too much pressure, knowing that to do so too early would send me over the edge. Trying to stay calm and in control, I stroke the soft flesh on the upper inside of my thighs and rub my soft fingers around the outside of my cunt, teasing, feeling the juices from my pussy dripping onto my chair and onto the shaved skin surrounding it. Raising the webcam to look at my face, I lick my lips with the broad flat blade of my tongue and then address whoever might be watching, “I want you to fuck me so fucking bad…mmm I need you in here!”

With that I lower the webcam back down to aim at my now soaking wet pussy and then spread my legs wide to display the rosy, slick slit for anyone of my secret fans that are out there.

By now, my pussy lips are hot and desperate for attention and I spread them open to display my tight, aching hole to the camera, sliding a long finger back inside myself as I moan loudly. Reaching out to the drawer on the PC desk before me, I retrieve my smallest vibrator, six inches long, slim and bright green, a chuckle escaping me as I feel the buzzing of it brushing against the palm of my hand. Raising the webcam once again, I move the vibrator towards the hot wet lips of my mouth, pretending that it is a real cock as I lick the head of it for a moment and then suck it deep into my mouth. A groan of lust escapes m me then as I suddenly picture a real imagine cock where the vibrator is, stretching my lips wide as its owner fucks my mouth and pulls my hair, his sweaty balls swinging against my chin.

With a gasp, I drag it from my mouth and lower it down my body, pressing the vibrating end against each of my hard nipples in turn before resting it against the flesh just above my clit.

I grunt as I flick the vibrate level up a notch and lower the webcam again with my free hand, making sure that my viewers on the amateur webcam girls site can see everything. Moaning softly, I spread my shapely legs and push the sex toy against my throbbing clit, pushing two fingers into my dirty hungry cunt at the same time, sliding them in and out, coating my fingers in my hot sticky juices, loving the hugging sensation as my pussy clamps about them like hot honey. With a groan, I thumb the power setting on the vibrator up to the highest level available and then shake and shudder as the sudden increase in pressure drags an unexpected orgasm from my lust-filled body. With a cry of joy, I come hard, my juices actually squirting from between my lips to smother my hand and the front of the leather seat, my fingers still frigging away at my soaking hole. Almost before the first orgasm has passed another surfaces with me and switching off the vibrator I raise it to my mouth, hungrily sucking my own juices of the imaginary cock as I raise my feet to rest upon the desk before me, slipping a third finger in beside the first two that are still raving away at me.

I’m so turned on that it only takes a couple more seconds before the orgasm strikes, detonating in my pussy with the power of a H-bomb and I almost lose the ability to see as my vision wavers. Breathing heavily, swallowing against the dry feeling in my throat, I slowly seep down from the after effects of my tsunami like orgasm, placing the vibrator on the floor beside my chair as I begin to squeeze one of my large breasts in my hand.

Despite my two powerful orgasms my soaking wet pussy is still hungry for more and with a shaking hand I release my breast and reach back into the desk drawer for my favourite sex toy. Withdrawing it, I hold it before my face, excitement coursing through me as I study it intently. It is jet-black dildo, ten inches long with a two and a half inch thickness. A toy so big that even my well played with pussy can only just about take its girth.

By this time I am so wet and covered in juices that I know there is no need to lube the big old toy up, and so I reach down and just push it against my whole, closing my eyes and imagining some powerfully muscled man kneeling between my legs about to fuck me with his big fat cock.

As I had expected the head of the rubber cock slips between my lips with ease, plunging into my wet hole but then the resistance starts and I actually have to push to move it further inside me. Six inches deep and my pussy still wants more despite feeling like it is being forced open, my sexual appetite refusing to let an inanimate object beat me in the bedroom. Catching my bottom lip between my teeth, I push harder, my eyes closing as I once again picture some man putting his cock inside my body.

This time my imagination makes him the gym teacher from my old high school when I was just eighteen, the bearded arrogant man looking more like a weightlifter than a teacher as he had walked about the school in his tight gym pants, the bulge in the front leaving little to the imagination. The rumour had been that he was fucking several of the young female teachers and a couple of the students but it had never been proven.

Yet right now, he was here with me in my home, returned from my memories to punish me for talking in class.

Nearly sobbing as I pushed another inch of the rubber cock inside my gaping pussy, I pictured the huge bearded man between my open thighs, holding onto my huge tits with his hands, squeezing them hard as he pushed his big fat cock mercilessly into me, a cruel grin on his features, “You like that?” “Oh God yes!” I cried out to nobody, my imagination getting the better of me as in my head, he pushed himself all the way into me, my hand doing the same with the big rubber dildo.

I came hard instantly, gargling on a loud cry of pure joy and pain combined and then I was laying back as I fucked myself with it, the huge bestial teacher in my head cursing and grunting as he slammed his big fat cock into my wet and aching cunt, calling me all the vile names under the sun as he fucked me like a slut! In a matter of moments it was over, my body so tired from the intensity of the orgasms that I slumped in the chair, dragging the thick dildo from my dripping wet pussy to drop it down onto the carpet beside the smaller one and my brutal lover retreated to the recesses of my imagination till I needed to call on him again. With a shaking hand, I reached out and switched off the PC that had connected me to my amateur webcam girl live sex site and then I laid back and closed my eyes, finally feeling satisfied.

Who needs men when you have an imagination and nearly a foot of rubber.

Hello Lovers! – Not All Cheap Fleshlight Sex Toys Are Low Quality!

Some people will tell you that it is a really bad idea to buy a cheap Fleshlight sex toy because of the fact that nothing truly compares to the original. You will hear about various scam attempts and many will tell you that those items that are really cheap are actually just replicas. It is obvious that you do not want to end up using a replica since you do want to feel everything that this highly arousing toy has to offer.

The problem is that when you think all cheap Fleshlight masturbators are of an inferior quality, you might miss out on wonderful opportunities that need to be considered. You need to understand that there are many different reasons why sex toys might be cheap. For instance, no matter where you look for such toys, the prices that are available on the internet will always be lower. This does not mean that the quality of the masturbator is lower. It just means that you can actually save money while putting your hands on something that you would love to use.

It has to be added that the cheap Fleshlight toys you find online might be priced so low because of different types of discounts that appear. As a really easy to understand example, when the masturbator is low in stock and a new model comes out, the store owner will try to get rid of the old models in order to make room for what is new on the market. This, of course, does not mean that quality is lower. It just means that you take advantage of stock clearance promotions.

Take as much time as you need to find the best deals that are available on the internet. If you do that, you may find a cheap sex toy that you would love using.